[JPL] Camarillo & San Pedro pronounciation

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Sat Sep 15 15:02:07 EDT 2007

Michelle wrote <<<   It is uncertain as to why the locals call it PEE-dro,
but I believe it is
because it eventually became a Croatian village and those seafaring types
pronounce their Saints with a different turn of the tongue.  One thing is
sure...these folks certainly do have an abundance of "PEE-dro Pride".
please pass this on to Señor Lando as he disputes this with me, on-air,
whenever I pledge.  >>>>

It is obvious to me why the district of the City of Los Angeles known as San
Pedro is callled San Peedro, that's the way an English speaker sees it. This
is similar why the valleys of San Gabriel and San Fernando as well as the
cities of Santa Monica, Santa Ana, San Bernadino, Montebello, El Monte etc,
streets like Figueroa, Sepulveda, Alameda, Colorado Bl and other proper
names have taken on different pronounciations. Heck the same thing occurs
with English names, in Mass, Pea Body is pee ba dee just to cite one
example. Staying in Mass. the missing r of park, car et al show up in Texas
where folks warsh their clothes.


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