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I was pulling the 5:00 – 9:00 a.m. early one Saturday morning when just a few
minutes into my shift the carpet cleaners arrived, unannounced, ready to steam
clean the on-air studio (it would have been nice if someone important at the
station would have given me the heads-up in advance so I could have set-up
Studio B...but, oh well).  

I was personally into the "out", but the powers-that-be told me that "out"
wouldn’t play well at that time of the morning.  In retaliation for the
inconvenience, I pulled "Streams" (1973) by Sam Rivers and que'd-up cuts two
and three, for a total run time of around 28 minutes (2. Tenor Saxophone
Section/Beginning of Flute Section and 3. Conclusion of Flute Section/Piano
Section/Soprano Saxophone Section).  

I had always wanted to play that suite, but felt forbidden due to the content
and time.  I was astonished by the flood of calls from listeners who thanked me
for hippin’ them to Sam and who encouraged me to do more out-bound play. 
Another listener favorite that was long at the crack of dawn was "Miles Runs
the Voodoo Down" from "Bitches Brew". 

Keith Jarrett’s "Fort Yawuh" has the title cut at 18:22 and the final cut is
20:36.  But, my fave is "Da Drums" at a mere 12:10 (thank you Sam Fields).

Anything Dex did on Steeplechase is full of long cuts.  "After Midnight"
features a 20 minute cut of "Three O’Clock in the Morning" and a 26 minute cut
of "Prancin"...Nils Winther liked it when musicians stretched-out at his
Oh...there are so many more...

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> > Am looking for tracks 15 minutes or longer - anyone have a list?
> Merci en advance.
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