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 "The Sermon" by Jimmy Smith has always been one of my favorite longer tracks, clocking in at 20 minutes 12 seconds.

Listeners always seem to really enjoy "Ole'" by Coltrane which comes in at 18 minutes 15 seconds.

Another favorite, "Search for the New Land" by Lee Morgan is 15 minutes 45 seconds and pure bliss all the way through.

Finally, there is "Sleeping Giant, Parts 1-5" by Herbie Hancock from Crossings which runs a glorious 24 minutes 38 seconds.  

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> Jim wrote:
> >Jim Hall's Concierto (19' on CTI) named by Rick was certainly one of the 
> >faves for bathroom breaks in the 70s and 80s.  I know at least one station 
> >(unnamed) which still has its only bathroom at the end of a long hall, 
> >down long stairs and in the basement.  When that record was playing on 
> >weekends or late at night you knew no one would answer the phone.  The 
> >Miles/Gil Evans version of the piece runs 16 minutes.
> >
> >Others include:
> >Bill Evans/Claus Ogerman "Symbiosis"  (25 minute first movement, 41 
> >minutes total),
> >Phil Woods/ Patrick Williams "An American Concerto"  (15' first movement, 
> >38' total),
> >and how about those Buck Clayton Jam Sessions, "Huckle-Buck" (20') and 
> >Robbins' Nest (17')?
> >
> >Then, of course, there's Mingus' "Epitaph" but that's many shorter 
> >movements so that probably doesn't count.  But there are a number of live 
> >performances by Mingus that run well over 15 minutes and some of those old 
> >Prestige jam sessions which sometimes ran a whole album side.
> >
> >This list will be welcomed by the weekend and late night announcers.
> >
> >.... been there myself,
> >
> >Jim Wilke
> >Jazz After Hours, PRI
> >www.jazzafterhours.org
> For that really long break - I'm thinking about getting a pizza,
> or oil change on the car -- the Aussie jazz group The Necks, has
> recorded several disks that are one track only, usually around
> 55-60 minutes long.  Their bassist, Lloyd Swanton, is also a
> jazz programmer in Sydney, and he told me to always keep a
> Necks' recording in your bag. You never know.
> Maurice Hogue
> CKUW Winnipeg
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