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Michelle Mobley michelle_mobley at sbcglobal.net
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"Peeedro" is a musical treasure, no matter what the genre.  Though, I do miss
the wealth of pure jazz that I enjoyed in Denver.  The local talent is
phenomenal and the national acts are in town there as much as they are here in

And, I must admit the I ain't hip to Fear (the punk group, anyway) and the
music of the Eagles was just pop background noise to me.  

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> " The song "Camarillo" by punk outfit Fear is also written about the
> facility."
> Wow, I would have bet good money that I would have been the first to somehow
> incorporate FEAR in to a JPL post...
> Then again, you're from Peeeeedro...home of Watt and the Minutemen, as well
> as Bukowski.
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