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>My friend who plays bassoon for the symphony and was raised there tells
>me that, while it is referred to as "the Bronx", the name of the borough
>is just plain "Bronx".  What a word!

From: Lisa Garrison, The South Bronx and the Founding of America (Bronx, NY: 
The Bronx County Historical Society, 1987), 7.
In 1639, Jonas Bronck arrived in the New World. He purchased a 500 acre 
tract of land east of Harlem between the Harlem River and the Aquehung, 
which was the Native American name for the river that flows through the 
center of the Bronx. Bronck built a house and began to farm the land. The 
Native Americans called the land "Rananchqua," but the Dutch and English 
began to refer to it as "Broncksland." In a similar fashion, the Aquehung 
was soon known as Bronck's River. In time, the spelling was changed to 
"Bronx," and eventually the entire area adopted the name.

Unlike the other boroughs, The Bronx is always referred to as "The Bronx," 
never just "Bronx." This is because the borough took its name from a river - 
the Bronx River. Generally, the word "the" precedes the names of rivers and 
other bodies of water; hence, the borough is known as the "The Bronx."

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