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Similar to "The Ukraine" or "The Congo", which just seems to sound
better or "more correct" to my ears (though I never had it explained to
me as to why), than the more recent usage of just Congo or Ukraine as
the country name.



>From Wikipedia:  "The Bronx" is the only borough in New York City that, in
its capacity as a borough, is referred to, in both law[2] and popular
usage[3], with the definite article ("The"). (The name of the coterminous
"Bronx County," however, does not include a "the.") The best explanation for
the definite article is that the original name of the borough, when it was
annexed from Westchester, was "The Borough of the Bronx River," referring to
the river that passed through the borough. The river was named after Jonas
Bronck, a Swede, who was a sea captain and 1641 resident whose 500 acre (2
km²) farm between the Harlem River and the Bronx River or Aquahung, as it
was called by the Native Americans of the time.


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