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Having grown up at the Pelham Parkway Housing Project in "The" 
Bronx....Bron-nix was the pronounciation used when someone was ignorant 
or verbally lax....its "The" Bronx....say it loud, say it proud !!!!!!


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Ron wrote <<< Didn't this thread start about a month or so ago?
All this time I've been waiting for someone to bring up The Bronx...oh 
what have I done?  >>>

I'll make a quick comment and then get out of dodge and allow Bronxite 
Jax take over. Most of my relatives all lived in the Bronx from post 
WW2 til
the early 80s when they moved to Florida. My father being an adventurer
opted to move the family to So Cal after the Cuban Missle Crisis and 
Bay of
Pigs realizing we were not returning to Cuba, anyhow every other summer 
would spend it in the Bronx with my cousins. I have never heard any
alternative pronunciation for the Bronx, heck even in Spanish my aunts,
uncles and older cousins would call it El Bronx.



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