[JPL] One final pronunciation curiosity post

George Thomas jazz at vpr.net
Wed Sep 19 20:15:12 EDT 2007

> After I responded to our own Juan Carlos from the capital of Colombia,
> Bogotá it reminded me of a little township of Bergen County-New Jersey
> nestled in between Hackensack and Teaneck named Bogota, they say it Ba GO
> ta
> instead of the proper Bo Go TAH, accented final syllable. I always get a
> charge of hearing folks from Mass. pronounce the town of Peabody as it is
> not the same as it appears or how the same town name in Kansas is said.
> Arturo

Reminds me of my first weeks on the air at Vermont Public Radio with
an eagle-eared listenership ready to pounce as I mispronounced such VT
towns as Calais (not Cal-LAY, but Cal-us). Oy veh!


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