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Hi Tom!


TomtheJazzman wrote:

> This week's JPL sponsor: Outside Shore Music    Wendy Fopeano 
> ''Raining On The Roses''
> ''Wendy Fopeano sings with depth, creativity, and soul.'' Fred Hersch
> Considered an exceptional singer by her peers, Wendy has surrounded 
> herself with some of Denver's world-class talent for her second 
> release on Outside Shore. The music spans a wide range of moods, 
> rhythms, and tempos, from the exquisite beauty of Caminhos Cruzados to 
> the wild ride of Caravan to the upbeat funkiness of David Murrays' 
> ''Morning Song.''  Raised in Kansas City, Wendy started out playing 
> bass, piano, trumpet and guitar before choosing voice as her main 
> instrument. She currently hosts a show on jazz89 KUVO every weekday 
> from 1 to 4 pm.
> www.wendyfopeano.com
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> I have had to reload my XP Professional and lost most all of my 
> address book.  Please send me a note and help me rebuild the ADDRESS 
> BOOK. Thanks  ALOHA
> TomtheJazzman Mallison
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