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New England in the autumn is a special place and out here in Western Massachusetts it is particularly beautiful.  The first hints of autumn are underway with the tips of the trees beginning their color and lots of activity surrounding the harvest underway.  While reading my local paper this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see that the annual Maze is featuring one of our jazz legends.  For those of you who don't spend much time in corn country, a farmer will go out into the corn field at the end of the growing season and cut a maze into the corn field, people then go into the maze and, ostensibly, fun ensues. At some point they find their way out.  This year the Maze has been cut into the form of Pops!  There is an aerial view of the maze and it is the likeness of Louis and his cornet!  The ad in the paper reads, Mikes Maze presents LOUIS!  Food, fun, and music.  I am planning to contact the folks and find out more.  Just seemed like a cool event.  By the way, the sweet corn i
s fabulous this year.

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