[JPL] My bi-lingual drunken spree

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Thu Sep 20 13:44:48 EDT 2007

Sometime in the early 80s while still living in So Cal, my wife tells me, I
don't recall it, about the night I became a drunk from a bi-lingual rum. We
were at at our local watering hole on a T G I F Happy Hour with our best
friends as we did most Fridays and I was consuming several Bacardi rum n
Coke aka Cuba Libre cocktails, I became intoxicated enough to then change
from Bacardi and Coke to Bah Carrrr Deee, its original pronunciation and
Coca Cola pronounced in Spanish, the bartender supposedely looked at me in a
weird manner and told my wife, he's had enough and refused to serve me
another round, so my wife told him just serve him some Coke-he'll never know
the difference.


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