[JPL] PLAYLIST: "General Eclectic", WCVF-FM, 9/21/07

Tom Bingham mason2042 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 15:04:29 EDT 2007

Today's show was late coming on due to a bomb threat which shut the campus
down for a couple hours. Fortunately, a number of faithful listeners were
patient enough to wait. Listener favorites were the Vieux Farka Toure remix,
the contemporary-folk interpretations of Beatles classics by Firefall
singers Jock Bartley and Steve Weinmeister, and a tamburitza recording done
in Chicago in 1937. Eclectic show, eclectic listeners. To the list:

Adam Sweeney - Long Road - Technicolor Halo

Vieux Farka Toure - Wosoubour - Remixed: UFOs Over Bamako

Nad Neslo - Wandering John - Back from Gone

Son de la Frontera - Tanguillos de la Frontera - Cal

Arturo O'Farrill/Eugene Marlow - Mr. O's Groove - Wonderful Discovery

Travis Wernet - Ocean Song - Lanterns of Midnight

Firefall Acoustic - Girl - Colorado to Liverpool: A Tribute to the Beatles

Gordie Tentrees - Death & Dust- Bottleneck to Wire

Dotti Anita Taylor - It's Misterios - A Morning Glory

Blame Sally - Devil To Pay - Severland

Tim Collins - Buzzy John's Blues - Valcour

Norm Ballinger - Echo Fading - A Fine Thread of Hope

Da Phatfunk Clique - Favorite Things - Audiophile Advisory

Misty River - Louisa - Stories

Tony Adamo - Speak Low - Straight Up Deal

Saco Yasuma - Liquid Entity - Another Rain

Victrola & the Duhst Bunnies - Duhbya - Duhmocracy

Sean Jones - Allison - Kaleidoscope

Tamburitza Orchestra Javor - Prijedorska Carsija - Folksongs of Illinois #1
(various artists)

Julie Hardy - On the Verge - The Wish
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