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LOS ANGELES " Sony  BMG Masterworks and Zenph Studios  have announced that a 
"re-performance" of legendary jazz pianist Art Tatum's  1949 recording "Piano 
Starts Here" will be  held on Sept. 23, 2007 at 5 PM at the Shrine  Auditorium 
in Los Angeles - the site of the original live concert  performance.

The re-performance, which is achieved through Zenph's  music software 
technology, will be recorded by Sony BMG before a live audience  for a forthcoming 
hybrid multichannel SACD/CD, to be released in early 2008.  The re-performance 
will also include four songs Tatum recorded in 1933 that  appear on "Piano 
Starts Here," including the jazz standard, "Tiger  Rag."

Zenph's technology captures the musical nuances of the  original piano 
recording's every note, with details about the pedal actions,  volume and 
articulations " all with millisecond timings. The digital data is  transcribed into 
high-resolution MIDI files and played back on a  state-of-the-art Yamaha 
Disklavier Pro  concert grand piano, allowing for the production of brand new 
renderings  without the limitations of the original recording.

"It will be like  going back to the moment of creation and hearing Tatum play 
in person," said  John Q. Walker, President of Zenph  Studios.

BOY...talk about hype!

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