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Eric Jackson eric-jackson at comcast.net
Mon Sep 24 09:19:40 EDT 2007

Peter Sokolowski wrote:

> Yes, Arturo:
> Peabody is a great example. But in Massachusetts we also have Haverhill,
> Salisbury, Leicester, Worcester, Wareham, Scituate, Petersham, and Amherst.
> Every one of these is sure to give a newcomer trouble.
> --Peter 

Another Massachusetts quirk. I have a Max Roach CD that has a tune on it 
called Pies of Quincy. Quincy Mass. is called the city of Presidents 
because John Adams and John Quincy Adams were from there. Max's tune was 
written as a dedication to the Zildjian factory. The famed cymbal 
manufacturer was located in Quincy.

In Massachusetts you pronounce that town's name like Quin zy.

Some of you may know WGBH's Ron Della Chiesa. His father was the mayor 
of that town once.

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