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Iraqi Musician's Set  List
Don't Get Iran Much Anymore
Allah Me
Oily Autumn

Hamas is that Camel in the Window
Kuwait Till You See  Her
On the Sunni Side of the Street

It's Saudi Duty Time
This Scud be the Start of Something  Big
The Amman I Love

Papa's Got a Brand New Baghdad
Saddam of these Days
Yassir,  That's my baby

Moon Over my Army
Allah be Around
Tanks for the  Memories

Dahran That Dream
Oman the Range
Here's That Irani  Day

Sleeping B-52
Long Ago and Fahd Away
For Oil We Know

In a Mullah Tone
I Love a Brigade

Sheik to Sheik
P.L.O. Young Lovers
Bedouin the  Beguine

I've Grown Accustomed to Her Fez
Saddam, You're Rockin the  Boat
As Saddam Goes By

Three Little Kurds
I Want to Hold Your Land
I Can't Get No  Saudis' Faction
These Fuelish Things
In a Send-a-Missile Mood
There Will  Never be Another Uday

Gun Barrel Polka
She's Too Fatwa For Me
Strawberry Fields Hirabah"
Joe Podorsek
Local 5 -  Detroit

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