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Oh yeah, Jonas Broncks.  He was a character in that movie with, oh..what's
his name?

Looking forward.
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I grew up in Manhattan and "Da Bronx," (yes, you're supposed to say it like
that) and agree with Ruth's comments below. Some people even call it "The
Boogie Down Bronx".  It is fun to hear about other's backgrounds.  I knew
about Bobby Jax because we had some fun conversations but...Arturo?  They
let him in?  LOL. Must've been how "we got the flava up in here!"

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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I was born in the Bronx and we were told that since it was originally Jonas
Bronckbs bhomeb, when you visited him you would say bWebre going to the
Bronckbsb  Ergo, The Bronx!

Who knows, but itbs a good one!

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