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Intriguing question... I think for "most" Americans, it's kind of  heartland-y
music.  Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The USA" almost made me  crazy during the
1st Gulf War...  Now, it still seems most of the  so-called patriotic songs
come from the Country charts.  With regards  to our current war, I hear
protest songs, of sorts, coming from the rock  world... Neil Young "Living
With War," Green Day's "American Idiot," and  Pink's "Dear Mr. President" come
to mind.  
In my own jazz space, I  find music reflecting our conflicts in Ben Allison
and The Bad Plus  ("Cheney Pinata" anyone?)
But, overall, it seems that the country is  fragmented in such a way, that a
popular anthem may no longer be  possible.

Stephan Smith out of NYC has written some fine protest songs in the  Pete 
Seeger/Weavers sort of tradition. Very good performer. _www.stephansmith.com_ 

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