[JPL] Iraq war songs

Ed Trefzger ed.trefzger at jazzweek.com
Tue Sep 25 09:52:40 EDT 2007

Jackson, Bobby wrote:
> It dawned on me that there isn't alot of music out here that every 
> American citizen can sing across the board (young/old/race/gender) 
> whether it is for or against the Iraq crisis. I found that 
> particularly interesting.

Certainly the fracturing of music and media in the current age is a 
factor in this.  We don't have three networks -- radio or TV -- that a 
majority of us watch, and we don't have one pop music with a song 
staying on top of the hit parade for weeks on end.

Perhaps another factor is that this current war really affects only a 
small number of Americans directly.  WWII affected all Americans, even 
if it was only in shortages and rationing; Vietnam had many times more 
casualties and the looming threat of the draft.  This war, despite 
attempts to frame it in the Vietnam paradigm, doesn't have the urgency 
or immediacy to most people, despite how those of us who feel very 
strongly about it might feel.

You could probably also chalk up some of it to the ignorance and apathy 
of the public, which is more enthralled with the bread and circus of our 
celebrity culture than with things that really matter.


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