[JPL] playlist: New Edge 9/25/07

Ken Field ken at kenfield.org
Wed Sep 26 01:07:36 EDT 2007

Here is the playlist for the 9/25/07 edition of The New Edge,
a two hour radio program airing Tuesday afternoons from 2-4pm
on WMBR 88.1FM in Cambridge, MA, and webcasting at http://www.wmbr.org.

The New Edge is devoted to creative and innovative instrumental music.

Complete playlists are available at http://newedge.home.att.net

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Compagnie Christian Vieussens/Noche en Vela/CIRMA/Arc 96
Luis Delgado & El Arabi-Serghini Trio/Tanger/(unknown)/Tirwal
Jesse Manno/Time Laps/Manno/(unknown)
Anat Fort/A Long Story/ECM/Just Now, Var. III
Anat Fort/A Long Story/ECM/As Two / Something 'Bout Camels
Fred Frith And Evelyn Glennie/The Sugar Factory/Tzadik/Walls Are 
Loosening / A Little Prayer
Amiina/Kurr/Ever Records/Sexfaldur
Amiina/Kurr/Ever Records/Kolapot
Natraj/The Goat Also Gallops/Accurate/The Goat Also Gallops
Natraj/Deccan Dance/Galloping Goat/Raga Bihag, Part 1
John Surman/The Spaces In Between/ECM/Leaving The Harrow
Anders Jormin/Xieyi/ECM/Choral
Jon Gibson/Criss X Cross/Tzadik/Call
David Watson/Fingering an Idea/XI/Track 5
Daniel Barry/Walk All Ways/OA2/La Folia Lando
Daniel Barry/Walk All Ways/OA2/Fuga Bembe
Paul Bley/Solo In Mondsee/ECM/Mondsee Variations II
Ken Field   http://kenfield.org
The New Edge
3 Ames St
Cambridge MA 02142  USA

Tuesday afternoon 2-4pm Eastern Time
newedge at wmbr.org

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