[JPL] About music calls to jazz89KUVO-Arturo

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Wed Sep 26 11:31:07 EDT 2007

I look forward to my weekly chats with all the regulars and my occasional
conversations with others about CDs, music and other stimulating subjects,
some may view it as drudgery however I like them.

Here's my pardon the pun, current situation, I have been given two very
important time sensitive projects that will force me to spend mucho time
away from my desk, eliminating listening to new arrivals time and other at
the desk responsibilities I have. Moreover the entire station staff has
tasks preparing for the most important Membership Drive of the past 5 years,
so vital that for the first time in our 21 year history we hired a proven
pledge drive consultant to conduct a 2 day workshop, we are good but we need
to get better and bring fresh ideas to the mix.

I share this with you because it will be difficult to get me on the phone,
feel free to call me at any time of the week beyond my normal call times as
might be at my desk. I will be adding the latest arrivals this Friday and
then it will be after the conclusion of our Fall drive on October 26th
before any other new arrivals will be officially added although some
important new releases will get a spin or two during the drive.

Dick LaPalm: Please pass this info on to Freddy as I do not have his e-mail,

Arturo Gómez
Music Director, jazz89KUVO
The Oasis In The City
Colorado's First HD FM Radio Station
Celebrating 11 Years of Live Performances!
2006 & 2005 Jazz Station of the Year!!

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