[JPL] Iraq war songs

Lazaro Vega wblv.wblu.fm at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 09:58:24 EDT 2007

"You could probably also chalk up some of it to the ignorance and apathy
of the public, which is more enthralled with the bread and circus of our
celebrity culture than with things that really matter."

Was recently reading an editorial article (I'm sorry I can't put my
hands on it right now) that compressed the findings of a Pew study on
the subject of the tabloidization of the media and the audience it
serves. Turns out the audience in general and by a wide margin does
not give a rip about celebrity culture, it is only the media's
perception that they do.

That's why people are watching John Stwart for their news.

Janis Ian's "Ready for the War" is part of John McLean's new album;
while Nigel Kennedy includes a Jack DeJohnette piece called "Story for
World Forgiveness."

Jazz musicians do protest (Doug Wamble's "Blue State" on Marsalis
Music) but the people in general don't get to hear much jazz.

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