[JPL] Iraq war songs

Bob Rogers rwsfin at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 27 16:53:35 EDT 2007

Jim Wilkie wrote:

"I find myself 95% less exposed to celebrity and sensation-driven "news" on 
TV due to the simple fact I rarely watch TV because I find almost no 
programming of interest to me.  I can think of only two major exceptions 
when I watched a lot:  coverage of 9/11 and Katrina.  Otherwise, I choose 
"traditional sources" for news - newspapers and radio, exclusive of radio 
talk shows, especially the call-in variety.  We have a wide variety of media 
choices, but it appears many people have tv on all day and assume the only 
choice they have is ... a different channel."


And if you throw away a perfectly good TV and live without one at all, at 
the very least you’ll come off as an eccentric.  But you’ll be wide awake 
and out of it.

John-Ivan Palmer

Best regards,

Bob Rogers

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