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Thu Sep 27 20:24:44 EDT 2007

Hello to Promoters, Artists & Labels,
I am writing to ask for your support of WWSP's annual Jazz fest which is 60 hours of uninterrupted Jazz programming on top of the usual weekly Jazz programming. This is our 25th anniversary Jazz fest and although we will not feature a live concert this year (line item cut from our budget by the Student Government Association), we would really like to be able to celebrate a silver anniversary properly. We are already starting to seek out private funding for next year to resume our live concert part of the weekend.
I'm hoping you will help us celebrate this year by donating cd giveaway's and or anything else (magnets, hat's, shirts, frisbee's etc.) that we can use for our event. Last year we received generous support from Doug Moore and individual artists in the hat and t-shirt category.
In terms of cd's we are looking for 2007 releases, 3 - 5 discs if possible.
The dates for this years event are: Oct. 19th - Oct. 21st. 
A humble and heartfelt thank you to all of you who have given support to WWSP over the years, with that support we continue to be a valuable asset to the Jazz listeners in Wisconsin and around the world on the web.
Please send all materials to:
Russell HainesJazz/World Music DirectorWWSP 90fm1608 Reserve StreetStevens Point, WI. 54481 
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