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Otherwise, I choose "traditional sources" for news - newspapers and  
radio, exclusive of radio talk shows, especially the call-in  variety>
post alert-this has nothing to do with jazz!
I'm with you, Jim.  I find myself fading out of even NPR talk, because  too 
often the programs become "me, too" sessions.  
Here is how it plays it, over and over with talk.
Today we're interviewing a mountain climber.  The next ten calls then  come 
from other mountain climbers who call to say the guest. "You are a  mountain 
climber?  Me too. "  They then proceed to tell a less  than engaging story about 
themselves, which more often than not, sheds no  new light on the activity, 
or provides with me with greater insight.  It  just provides them with a chance 
to talk about themselves and bore the rest of  us.
I can recall a few years after we added much more talk to our schedule,  
having this conversation with a colleague.  He indignantly asked-"Don't you  think 
you can learn things from other people?"  
On occasion yes, but I really can learn things from experts.  Most  callers 
aren't experts. They take too long to get to their points and  aren't very 
Or we get the two sides with the hard/fast positions who each present their  
facts (health care/Middle East and several other topics) which go around and  
around...each side accusing the other side of bias and faulty scholarship and  
another hour goes by that I won't get back in my life.  I haven't learned  
anything new, just the same ole, same ole.  
I think I'll go put on some Miles and clear my head.
Dan Polletta


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