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My Programs and Playlists for October 2007
                                                   ARTIST/Track/Album/Label      * = Australian

Thu 6/10/07 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 9pm "Mainstream - Something Old & New"
1) CHARLES GATSCHET/Segment/Step Lightly/Charles Gatschet Publishing
2) BEATLE JAZZ/Look At Me/All You Need/Lightyear
3) DEBBIE PORYES/People/A Song in Jazz/Jazzschool Records
4) BERNIE KENNERSON/She Said/Just You & Me/BurnUp
5) EMILY SAXE/Walk On By/Keeping You in Mind/Miss Emily Productions
6) PAUL CARR/Dixie Pig/Just Noodlin'/Jazz Karma
7) GREG CHAKO/Wave of Love/Where We Find Ourselves/Greg Chako Prdctns
8) TAYLOR/FIDYK BIG BAND/Anthropology/Live at Blues Alley/OA2
9) JEFF BAKER/A Day in The Life of a Fool/Shopping for Your Heart/OA2
10) BILL ANSCHELL/At the End of the Day/More Talk To The Ear Than Meets The Eye/Origin
11) BOB STEWART/Gone With The Wind/Did I Remember/VWC Records
12) EDDIE DANIELS/Falling in Love with Love/Homecoming/IPO
13)FRANK WEDER BIG BAND/Jeannine/Project Jazz/Foot Note Prdctns
14) BRADFORD HAYES/Tunji's Blues/The Jazz Life/IntensityMusic
15) UPPER EAST SIDE BIG BAND/Signs Are Full Of Jive/Very Strange Night/Giggity Records
16) JONATHAN KREISBERG/The Best Thing For You/The South Of Everywhere/MelBay
17) DOTTI ANITA TAYLOR/Its Misterios/A Morning Glory/Independent

Fri 12/10/07 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 9pm 'What's New" Contemporary Jazz
1) DAVID SANFORD/Three Card Molly/Live at the Knitting Factory/Oxingale
2) ALBRECHT MAURER/To Unknown Movies/Movietalks/JazzHausMusic
3) YURI HONING/No Man's Land/Dutch Jazz 2005/Radio Netherlands WorldWide
4) SACO YASUMA/Invisible Matters/Another Rain/Leaf Note
5) REZ ABBASI/Mid-Life/Bazaar/Zoho
7) ALISTER SPENCE*/Bright Starlight/Mercury/Rufus
8) ROBERT IRVING III/Fire Flower/New Momentum/Sonic Portraits
9) NORDIC TRINITY/Passion/Wonders Never Cease/KSJAZZ**
10) KIKO LOUREIRO/Arcos da Lapa/Universo Inverso/Boosweet
11) THOMAS MARRIOTT/Sky Dive/Both Sides Of The Fence/Origin
12) ROBERT MACGREGOR/R.S.V.P./refraction of light/Black Tri
13) ERIC INEKE JAZZXPRESS/Jotosco/Dutch Jazz 2007/Radio Netherlands
15) SACO YASUMA/A Wind Blew Into My Hands/ Another Rain/Leaf Note
16) JONATHAN KREISBERG/Altered Ego/The South Of Everywhere/MelBay

                                                                           ** = available at www.digelius.com

Tue 16/10/07 "Jazz on The Terrace" Noon - 1pm "Jazz Lunch - light & Cool"
1) ALEXA WEBER MORALES/Ave Rara/Wanderings/Patois
2) US 3/The Day that I Died/Say What?/Us3
3) PEARL DJANGO/Smile/Modern Times/ModernHotRecords
4) CHARMAINE CLAMOR/Panahon Na/Flippin' Out/FreeHam
5) MICHAEL CAMACHO/Blue Room/Just For You/New Found Records
6) PAMELA HINES TRIO/This Can't Be Love/DROP2/Spice Rack
7) GREG CHAKO/Ponciana/Integration/Greg Chako Productions
8) JAN EISEN/With A Song In My Heart/Summer Me, Winter Me/One Take
9) MASHA CAMPAGNE/It Might As Well Be Spring/Crossroads/Impetus Records

Happy to receive material for future program inclusions
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