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BILL MAYS INVENTION TRIO   “Fantasy in 3 Movements”  
“Invention #8/Ah-Leu-Cha”  FANTASY   Palmetto Records
GERALD WILSON ORCHESTRA  “Jazz Swing Waltz”  “Ballad” 
 MONTEREY MOODS   Mack Ave. Records
“I Didn't Mean A Word I Said”   CHAMPIAN    Such Sweet
VICTOR GOINES    “Cootie”    LOVE DANCE    Criss Cross
ROSWELL RUDD &  YOMO TORO    “Poochie & The Bird” 
“Tres Cuatro”
Patois Records
MATT SHULMAN   “So It Goes”  “My Funny Valentine”   SO
IT GOES   Jaggo Records
CURTIS STIGERS   “I'll Be Your Baby Tonight”  REAL
EMOTIONAL  Concord Jazz
EDDIE DANIELS   “Falling In Love With Love”  “Deja Vu
Live At The Iridium    	IPO Records
We begin with BILL MAYS and THE INVENTIONS TRIO  and
his new  FANTASY CD. The trio's comprised of Marvin
Stamm on trumpet and a young lady Alisa Horn on cello.
We all know and admire Marvin's session work over the
years. Alisa Horn is a marvelous well trained cellist
whose background is classical music. She's a very
passionate player and blends nicely to this concept of
jazz             /classical/interpretation. It's like
learning how to swim. All you need is the right
teacher to show you the way to the freedom of
improvisation. To listen, feel comfortable and trust
your instincts, then the break through. She's a fine
player and this could represent a different venue for
her multiple talents. 
In 1981 I introduced to Bill Mays music, by chance. I
was working in Los Angeles for a radio programming
syndicator. One afternoon I stopped by a small lounge
on Ventura Blvd in Studio City. As I was sitting at
the bar, there was a gentleman at the piano. I ordered
a beer and listened. Within minutes one could tell
that this was an extraordinary pianist as bright
imaginative extemporaneous ideas flowed from the
brain, telegraphed to his fingers and with that 
effortless command that only true professionals
possess, I knew I was in the midst of this magnificent
experience. I gestured over to the bar tender and
asked: “How is the pianist?” “That's Bill Mays,” he
said smiling. This new cd reminds me of that
experience, the challenge, the intimacy, the repor. 
It's what improvisational music does so well. 
Recently, with Bill Mays Palmetto recordings, we been
able to listen to more of his music. 
And maybe we can hear a live solo performance on
record sometime soon from Bill Mays.  
Incidentally, he was born here in Sacramento.
GERALD WILSON ORCHESTRA begins the next segment of
SAJS with tunes from his newest MONTEREY MOODS. We
played “Jazz Swing Waltz” and  “Ballad.” Both  have
that Gerald Wilson bluesy signature of free swinging
big band. Always lots of space for solo work, short
brassy kicks and strong rhythm accents. This band
features jazz stylists, Terell Stafford, Jimmie Owens
and Sean Jones, Steve Wilson, Ron Blake, Antonio Hart,
Renee Rosnes Peter Washington and Lewis Nash with
Anthony Wilson on guitar. Flutist Hubert Laws is a
featured artist. Variation of a theme seems to be the
agenda of this project and you hear it both songs.
vocalist CHAMPIAN FULTON is next on the virtual
bandstand with a post forties swing portion in this
new cd, CHAMPIAN.   The songs are right from that era
that many still pine for. This cd has lots of charm.
We played “I Didn't Mean A Word I Said.” All these
folks play at Birdland in Manhattan. And there are
many who would enjoy dancing to this singer and band.
The arrangements are absolute and spectacular. Enough
so you're waiting the tour bus to stop at yours truly
Danceland.  Champian is marvelous and in touch on how
they plied their trade as the big band singers of the
forties, a whole different approach compared to todays
hyper vested singers. This music is ancient history,
lost art saved for posterity and resurrected for near
term acclaim, the lasting impression this'll have on
the young will endure long after our stake on this
plain. Then “I Can't Give You Anything But Love” is a
tiptoe tapestry of the swing era with Modernaire's
Reed player VICTOR GOINES is next with an original,
“Cootie” from the new LOVE DANCE cd.. Goines is
equally adept on tenor and alto saxophone as on
clarinet.  He learned to play at St. Augustine High
School, New Orleans, then graduated Loyola and on to
Juilliard.  He's a well schooled musician with years
of playing experience with the Marsalis Brothers,
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Terence Blanchard and
other prominent New Orleans jazz musicians. Goines
especially warm sound is evident on  ballads,”Love
Dance” and “Midnight” with lingering Hodges type
Trombonist ROSWELL RUDD and cuatro player YOMO TORO 
begin the 2nd hour of SAJS with selections from their
latest EL ESPIRITU JIBARO cd. Percussionist Bobby
Sanabria is also prominent in the arrangements on this
Leon Reyes phone into the show. His remarks were that
“Jibaro” is the traditional music, the soul of the
Puerto Rican people, similar to what Bluegrass would
be to this country. With modern jazz trombonist
Roswell Rudd and Puerto Rican folk artist  Yomo Toro
you have a blend of the old and new, a more post
modern “Jibaro Spirit. “ We played “Poochie & The
Bird” and the exciting “Tres Cuatro,” with ample solos
by both Rudd and Toro. The tune is an excellent
LUCIANA SOUZA is next with her new release, THE NEW
BOSSA NOVA.  She  performs an interesting version of
Joni Mitchell's “Down To You.” It seems slower than
usual to accentuate the lyric with Chris Potter on
tenor.  Mitchell is a special writer, highlighting
sensuality and vulnerability in her prose. Ms Souza 
is finding her international voice and appeal with
producer/husband Larry Klein's guidance. Klein was
married previously to Joni Mitchell. An interesting
ALEXA WEBER MORALES   concludes this segment from her
new VAGABUNDEO cd with an A capella rendering of
“Calling You,” a song that added a memorable ambiance
to the independent film “Baghdad Cafe.” Alexa Morales
sings it beautifully. Listen to “The Goddess Of War.”
Could it be 'we' she's talking about?
Experiential trumpet player MATT SHULMAN opens the
last segment with his new cd SO IT GOES.  Shulman's
new captivating stylistic dialectics, blending avant
rock and jazz energies into raw amorphous energy as in
“Almost There” then segueing into “My Funny Valentine”
made jazz famous some fifty years prior by Chet Baker,
which Shulman's a post modern day comparison. Matt
Shulman  is more far reaching and imaginative, a
testimonial on how far the music has developed over
the years. Miles Davis career progressed dramatically
over his tenure.
One must remember that you can't take us too fast and
too far!  We must be able to cherish each mood. Matt
Shulman in “So It Goes” has demonstrated he's more
than capable to take us there.
When I hear CURTIS STIGERS, why do I think of Hoagy
Carmichael, especially on Bob Dylan's “I'll Be Your
Baby Tonight” from his new REAL EMOTIONAL cd. Maybe
it's the casual re harmonizing loaf of the way they
just let it roll out, part court jester, part ballad
crooner. Both gentlemen are musicians. Curtis Stigers
plays saxophone and Hoagy Carmichael plays piano.
Stigers cannot sing while playing the saxophone and no
doubt works with another to write his songs, or plays
it out first on piano. Whatever! A word used when
there's nothing left to say.  
When you listen here to this new “Real Emotional” cd,
you'll have to agree that Curtis Stigers is a real
charmer, the unique way a crooner gets his point
Reedist EDDIE DANIELS with a quintet featuring
acclaimed vibraphonist Joe Locke, live at the Iridium
on Broadway in Manhattan concludes this edition with
the a real jam, “Falling In Love With Love” and “Deja
Vu (MJQ)” from the new HOMECOMING  2 cd set. It's a
rare move for Daniels, as  this cd also highlights his
work on tenor sax as well as his robust expertise on
clarinet, especially of pianist Tom Ranier's
“Resolution.” Finally, a nice interchange between
Daniels on clarinet and  Locke on vibes with a tribute
to the Modern Jazz Quartet. 
“Byaa” til next time.
Dick Crockett
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