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In a big season for song covers, these sites track who's singing what
September 29, 2007; Page W2

Cover songs were once the province of budding bar bands and fading lounge
acts. Recently, they've been emerging as a successful musical genre of their
own. In November, metal band Queensryche will release "Take Cover,"
featuring songs by artists from Pink Floyd to U2. Also soon to come: a
soundtrack of Bob Dylan covers to accompany the film "I'm Not There,"
featuring acts such as the Hold Steady, Sonic Youth and Glen Hansard. For
fans of the form, a number of music blogs devoted to cover songs feature
MP3s, reviews and commentary. Below, three standouts.

Copy, Right? http://copycommaright.blogspot.com/

Recent entries include an online preview of a new CD called "Guilt by
Association," a collection of "guilty-pleasure" pop songs from Journey's
"Don't Stop Believing" to Paula Abdul's "Straight Up," covered by indie acts
such as Luna and Devendra Banhart.

Second Hand Songs, http://secondhandsongs.com/home/

This database of more than 60,000 songs includes a dozen covers of ABBA's
"Dancing Queen," by artists from Kylie Minogue to Johnny Depp's former band,

Cover Freak, http://coverfreak.com/

On this site, posts contain MP3 links and are organized by theme. A recent
entry is devoted to TV theme songs and includes a link to Joan Jett's cover
of the theme to "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."
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