[JPL] Sharing an Audio Experience

TomtheJazzman tomthejazzman at embarqmail.com
Thu Apr 3 16:59:57 EDT 2008

This morning I loaded the new Dianne Reeves, it is wonderful, and 
immediately found it sounded like duets or overdubs.  After a little 
period of panic and sending notes to the Groov Guys I resolved the 
issue.  It was not the CD.  It did the same thing on both of my CD 
players but not my free standing CD changer.  What I found was that Real 
Audio and Media Player were both trying to play the CD and they were a 
split second apart which gave the overdubbing/duet effect.

I hope this never happens to you, and now you have been alerted to the 

It is a great CD and she has never looked better.


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