[JPL] Re: Is that "Hamptown" of "Hamptown Races Do Dah" fame?

Len Dobbin lendobbin at sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 3 19:16:34 EDT 2008

There was no need for a reply I think we all know it was a typo - just a 
little attempt at humour - we all make typos galore no matter how well we 

Never got to hear Hampton live (I'm in Montreal) but actually had Timmons 
over for breakfast when he played here in the latter part of the sexties 
(sic).   Two wonderful pianists who need more exposure - there's a whole new 
audience out there since they've left us.


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> Len wrote <<< Is that "Hamptown" of "Hamptown Races Do Dah" fame? >>>
> Neither, it's another case of my typing inefficiency, I am the Typo King, 
> as
> I always tells folks who see me typing away using the "2-fingered hunt, 
> peck
> n pray method", if I could type I'd be dangerous. I know the keys very 
> well,
> I have since high school typing classes. I could never be a pianist 
> because
> my fingers don't listen to my brain;s command
> Arturo
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