[JPL] About Guachi Guaro

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Thu Apr 3 21:15:18 EDT 2008

Eric wrote <<< I'm curious. What does Guachi Guaro mean? >>>>

Like most every other dance and jazz compositions that Chano wrote, or
should I say hummed to a pianist who wrote the music, it's filled with
afro-cubananismos lyrics and titles, both religious and slang of the time.
For example Manteca is a homage to his favorite intoxicant, weed, remember
Chano was shot dead over an arguement about a nickel bag. Over the years
I've asked several elder Afro-Cubans about the meaning of guachi guaro and
the general consensus is that it means, fifty-fifty, going halves on the
cost, some say it implies average, like so so. before migrating to NYC in
early 1947, Chano was a very succesful composer in Cuba and led his own
dance music group as well as being the champion carnaval group leader. He
migrated to NYC on the reccomendation of Mario Bauzá who had recorded a few
of Chano's Havana Hit Parade songs with his brother-in-law Machito and The
Afro Cubans dating back to the the early 40s.

You're correct the CJP does list Pozo-Gillespie as composers.


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