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Regarding the following message on the list:

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In a message dated 4/2/2008 6:37:27 PM Central Daylight Time,
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Von  Freeman & friends play Tuesdays at
the New  Apartment,

*Jim, et al.  Just so you know, Von Freeman passed away some months  ago.*

Anyone coming to Chicago, feel free to give me a shout in  advance.  I'll
to hook you up with what's happening.



Steven  Briggs, President
Blue Night  Records

*This information about Von Freeman's passing  is most emphatically not true
according to contacts in Chicago.  What is up with this post?  Didn't you
even Google Vonski's name before passing on this erroneous and upsetting
information?  Indefensible!  *
*See the following thread on Organissimo:*
*Bill Barton <Bluenightrecords at aol.com>*

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