[JPL] Benny Golson and I

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Fri Apr 4 08:04:04 EDT 2008

Thanks for providing that context. I didn't know the anecdote, and I agree,  
it's a clever way to prompt Benny to tell the story.
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SGribetz at aol.com writes:

<<..Perhaps I was too subtle and you missed the  reference.

Steve asked what question to ask Benny Golson.

Benny  loves telling an anecdote about having a beautiful melody come in to   
his head in his sleep in the middle of the night, and excitedly trying  to  
remember and write down his grand new composition.  When he  woke up in the  
morning and looked at his notes, turns out the melody  was Stardust.

So........ Steve should ask Benny Who wrote  Stardust?..>>


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