[JPL] Goin' To Chicago / Vonsky

Bradley M. Stone bstone at science.sjsu.edu
Fri Apr 4 19:23:23 EDT 2008


Very relieved to hear that Vonski is alive and well.... I had read that
post in shock, wondering where the hell I'd been the past few months.
Vonski and I share a special bond, a connection of our families to the
Chicago Police Department - so my affection for him goes beyond jazz.

The light is most definitely on.


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I just picked up the phone and called him 
  to see if he had any words of wisdom to impart...
  LOL... got his awesome brother George
  who's home baby sitting the house (the house is never left empty)
  because this is Vonski's weekly gig in Indiana
  from which he never gets home until after the morning rush hour.
  So he's still playing until 4a.m. on Tue at the New Apartment.
  And then making the run Wed evening for his all nighter in Indiana.
  And the 2nd weekend of the month he works the late set at Andys.
  LOL... I'd say, Ya can't keep a good man down!
  So great to be feelin' the love.
  I'll be sure to relay it to him tomorrow.
  BTW if you're in Chicago tomorrow... 
  George will be playin' his weekly south shore gig at the Tropical Den.
  - Kate.

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