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Sat Apr 5 12:26:21 EDT 2008

I've heard Hendricks say -- first hand -- that Irving Berlin had a black man in his employ who actually wrote the songs we know as Berlin's. I'm aware of this as a longstanding legend, but I'd thought it had been thoroughly debunked by Berlin biographers.

Mark Zaborney
WBGU, 88.1FM
Bowling Green, Ohio

Jon Hendricks says that one of the Harlem stride pianists (Lucky
Roberts?) wrote "Stardust" and sold it to Carmichael. Hendricks has
mentioned this in public, I believe, and as it is I've heard this
story second hand from a student who was in a class where Hendricks
asserted this I have little faith in it. Someone should ask Hendricks
about this on the record before he's gone.

Lazaro Vega
Blue Lake Public Radio

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