[JPL] Question about radio promotion

Michelle Mobley michelle_mobley at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 7 23:59:21 EDT 2008

Peter, I agree with Dr. Jazz - this is a profession that will have a lifespan 
of three-to-10 years and will suck-you-up like a heroin addiction.  It will
also provide some of the greatest rewards of a lifetime, tho not necessarily

Very few really make it big.  It is far more relaxing to just have an
"eight-to-five" and write profiles, previews and reviews on the side.  You can
afford the covers and you still collect more CDs than you have time to listen
to, and you get invited to some splendid parties.  But, more importantly, you
know your rent is gonna get paid on time.

Michelle from Peeedro

> I was asked last week by someone who wanted to get into the business of
> promoting jazz music to radio people how best to approach musicians that
> might be potential clients. Honestly I didn't know how musicians were
> approached or if there was a forum in existence where musicians seek out
> promoters. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? 
> Many thanks. 
> Peter Solomon 

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