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mark zaborney wrote:

> So what does an interviewer do when a venerated artist who has made history, who has lived a lot of history, but who may not be a historian/scholar in any formal sense, states as fact something for which there is no documentary evidence?

I'd let him tell his story. If I knew the other version, I'd ask him to 
comment on that story.

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> From: "Lazaro Vega" 
> Subject: Re: [JPL] Jon Hendricks Live on WBAI, Monday night, April 7th
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> Hey,
> Maybe you could ask him about who wrote "Stardust."
> LV
> Lazaro,
>   I didn't get your message in time to ask Jon Hendricks this question, but in another interview he said that Lucky Roberts was the author of "Stardust," several versions of which we played last night: Pops', Hendricks from "Freddie Freeloader," and a version by Art Tatum.
>   Thanks,
>   Greg Thomas
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