[JPL] A Posthumous Tribute to Israel López Cachao, "Papa Mambo"

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Tue Apr 8 17:08:58 EDT 2008

Special Edition of Salsa con Jazz with guest host, Arturo Gómez

A Posthumous Tribute to Israel López Cachao,  “Papa Mambo”

Sunday, April 13th, 4 until 6pm

The recently departed Israel López Cachao began playing bass as an
adolescent for silent movie theatres of Havana.  Cachao hails from a large
family of musicians and composers. As a young man Cachao played bass in the
Havana Symphony one of the first Afro-Cubans to do so. In the 1930s Cachao
and his brother Orestes took the 1st step in the creation of the mambo when
they were members of Cuba’s leading dance band, Arcaño y sus Maravillas.  In
the 1950s Cachao helped popularize the descargas or jam sessions. After
migrating to New York City in 1961 Cachao helped shaped the sound of what
became known as salsa. Besides the bass, the late Israel López was an
accomplished pianist and played a mean bongo that led to his percussive bass

Throughout the 1970s Cachao alternated living in NYC, Las Vegas and Miami
playing in many bands and participating in several historic recordings
before settling in Miami around 1980. During the 1980s and early 1990s
Cachao languished in obscurity playing in local bands for weddings, birthday
parties and other events not worthy of a musician of his caliber.

In 1994 noted Cuban actor Andy García decided to film the documentary of
Cachao’s remarkable career and released the acclaimed film, “Cachao
Como Su
Ritmo No Hay Dos” aka “Like His Rhythm There Is No Other” which created a
renewed interest in Cachao catapulting him back to the well deserved
spotlight he maintained until his passing in Miami on March 22nd, 2008.

Join jazz89’s own Music Director, Arturo Gómez this Sunday on Salsa con
Jazz, 4-6pm as he’ll pay homage to the legend fellow musicians lovingly
called “Papa Bass” and “Papa Mambo”, a musician whose influence goes beyond
Cuban or Latin music. Log on to www.kuvo.org

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