[JPL] Berkshire Jazz artists in compilation

EdBride at aol.com EdBride at aol.com
Tue Apr 8 17:11:46 EDT 2008

Hello, JPLers,
The Berkshire Hills in western Massachusetts are home to some pretty great  
--but largely unknown-- Jazz artists. Chef Michael Ballon of Castle Street Cafe 
 in Great Barrington has celebrated his 10th year of no-cover, no-minimum 
Jazz by  releasing a CD featuring musicians who have appeared at his popular 
eatery. If  you recall reading the previous two sentences from a direct email from 
 me, well, you'll recognize the rest of this message, too, so feel free to  

You need no introduction to Ted Rosenthal, nor possibly to  Stephanie 
Nakasian or Terry Roiger, three of the musicians on the CD. But what a  discovery 
you'll enjoy if you listen to the blues singer Vikki True, pianist  Armen 
Donelian, or guitarist Jay Messer. 

It is important to note that  these recordings were not made at Castle 
Street, but rather were provided by the  artists so Michael could include them in 
his compilation. I wanted to bring it  to the attention of  JPLers; so, if you'd 
like a copy, please let me know  and Michael will be happy to send one. Just 
let me know (off-list probably best)  where to send the CD. Press release will 
be distributed on Apr. 11.
Disclosure: I am not earning a fee for bringing this CD to your attention,  
although I suspect that Chef/owner Ballon may choose to thank me with  
appropriate golden-colored liquid in a short tumbler. 

Ed Bride

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