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Another Jazz Show April 7
GRAHAM     “You're Making Me Feel Brand New” “All TheThings You Are” BRAND NEW     Origin
HOOKER  “The Eyes Of Chaz” 
“The Other Side Of The Sun”  RIGHT  WHERE I BELONG  
Musical Legends, Inc.
DAVID FINCK QUARTET   “Ballad For A Future Day” FUTURE DAY  Sound Brush Records
ELLA FITZGERALD   “My One And Only”  “I'veGot A Crush On You” How Long Has This Been Going On”   PURE
ELLA   Decca Jazz
ROBERTA GAMBORINI & HANK JONES    “PeopleTime”  “Reminiscing”
YOU ARE THERE   Emarcy Records
ELLA- reprise  “My One And Only”  PURE
ELLA  Decca RecorTIGRAN HAMASYAN TRIO  “Zada es (You'reAn I'll Fated Girl)  NEW ERANocturne Records/blujazz
SABERTOOTH  “Blues For C Piff”   DR
LIONEL LOUEKE   “Seven Teens”  “Naima” KARIBU  Blue Note 
KENIA   “Crazy”   SIMPLY   MookaRecords
SAJS begins with alto saxophonist ALEX GRAHAMand his new release, BRAND NEW,  a second cd on OriginRecords for this talented reed player. 
A resident of the NYC jazz scene for a decade and recent
jazz in residence at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, now
completing his doctorate at the  Eastman School, the soon to jazz  Dr
Feelgood will move you in the many directions that post modern will
blend with contemporary to go outside the modern. We played “You
Make Me Feel Brand New” and the classic “All The Things You Are”
with a more stoic brass inviting entre and response from NYC finest,
Jim Rotundi, Steve Davis, David Hazeltine, Rodney Whitaker and Carl
And we owe our utmost gratitude to NYC's finest.
Make sure they get the paycheck they deserve and  the
retirement that goes along with it!
Come on children, fess up!
As for the  Alex Graham Sextet, this is the straight
ahead stuff!
Vocalist LAUREN HOOKER concludes the segment withtwo originals from her new cd, RIGHT WHERE I BELONG, “TheEyes Of Chad,” observations of her young son  and  “The OtherSide Of The Sun,” a love song about love, about a woman whounderstands a male lack of commitment. It could be an off Broadway“The Fantastics” lyrics to a not lasting but memorable affair ofthe heart. 
The production is a collaboration with pianist Alex
Farnum, singer Lauren Hooker and predominantly Sacramento's, bassist
Rufus Reid.
The DAVID FINCK QUARTET begin the segment withvibraphonist Joe Locke and surreal passages of the George ShearingQuintet and Milt Jackson's reactions.
We played the ballad to title of the cd FUTURE DAY,
“Ballad For A Future Day,” a very close and hip piece. If youdon't think it's hip and surreal, forget the hype and listen to thenext PURE ELLA. 
ELLA FITZGERALD, who's Sagittarian  like FrankSinatra and one of two of the best, sings with accompanist ELLIS
LARKINS an adaptation from the classic ELLA SINGS GERSHWIN.
We played a favorite “My One And Only” sung by the
queen of modern jazz.  Since we're syncopated to the period, we
followed with “I Got Got A Crush On You”  and “How Long Has
This Been Going On.”
Classic renditions from jazz greatest female vocalist,
Ella Fitzgerald.
 When you hear the Hank Jones intro to “You AreThere,” you know you're in the here and now, there and everywherefor jazz will take you down the rose colored path to bliss, infinityif you prefer with ROBERTA GAMBORINI with pianist HANK
If we suppose that Roberta Gamborini has a similar
command as Ella, then we defer, to predispose if this young talent is
However we played versions of Benny Carter's scat
“People Time” and  “Reminiscing,” Gigi Gryce and lyrics by
Jon Hendricks provides ample profiter this young lady has it
together, long lasting...
PURE ELLA closes this session with a reprise ofthe great Gershwin, “My One And Only.” Apropos to a new day inyour romantic life with Ella.
TIGRAN HAMASYAN TRIO opens the second hour ofSAJS from his NEW ERA cd with Francois Moutin on bassand Louis Moutin on drums.
Tigran Hamasyan is a
terrific young Armenian jazz pianist whose fresh ideas reach into 
Armenian music folklore as in “Zada es(You're an ill fated girl.)
musical roots determine your distinction and you'll hear it here with
We also featured Miles tune “Solar.” Hamasyan takes
it, skirting to another level.  Think Oscar Peterson when you hear
Tigran Hasmasyan in this stunning debut.
SABERTOOTH closes the segment with a hip, funkyafter hours session, Live at Chicago's Green Mill with “Blues For CPiff.” as the two Chicago tenors, Cameron Pfiffner and PatMallinger do battle much in the friendly parte' of Eddie “Lockjaw”
Davis and Johnny Griffin. With Peter Benson on Hammond
B-3 it's even better.
Before you saw the cover, you wouldn't know it was a
projected spiritual album.  When listening to “In The Beginning,”
then maybe, if not so, then a brief read of the liner notes and then
you'd know.  Then a hip reference by Rev. DaNita Bell, of the
ascertainable of the “Gospel: John 21,” then you're into the
irreconcilable BIG IT, then it's smooth all the way to the end on the
trolley of the infinite line.  
John Cooper's writing, arranging and judicious use of 
jazz lingo, inspired by Ellington, Basie and Mingus, OH YEAH!  
We played “Offertory” on this hip list made solid,
extraordinary and different, yet palatable for your jazz palate by
composer John Cooper.
Dig it and you'll know, it's a spiritual walk down post
modern tin pan alley. 
Guitarist LIONEL LOUEKE is next with his new cdKARIBU.  Born Benin, West Africa, learned the guitar from hisolder brother, started playing on his own at nineteen, then Paris andthe American School of Music, the the prestigious Berklee School ofmusic in Boston. 
A good reference for your familiarity with this young
man chops is “Skylark,” how he enjoys playing around the theme
and enjoying the lyricism of the song.
Of course we played “Seven Teens” with Herbie
Hancock.  It'll give a more expanded reference point in the
conception of Lionel Loueke. We played Coltrane's “Naima,”in 
which Loueke creates his own magical modalities and is most apply
assisted by Wayne Shorter's affable soaring lyric on soprano
saxophone, offering this tune more character.
The legendary Brazilian vocalist, KENIA concludeswith a classic Willie Nelson tune popularized by Patsy Cline,“Crazy.” This is from Kenia's latest, SIMPLY KENIA.
This is a must for your collection for KENIA is a
rarity, soul of the earth of Brazil whose one of kind.
As if to say
“May you have many loves in many lives to come.”
Dick Crockett
Still Another Jazz Show
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