[JPL] Rochester Jazz Festival/Skatalites

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Nobody's questioning the Skatalites ajzz roots, jazz credentials, etc.

But the Jamaican musicians name (as well as Ken "Snakehops" Johnson  
and other band leaders of Caribbean origin, were not playing music  
with the Ska or reggae backbeat -- their sound is a totally other  
genre -- Jazz Jamaica has covered Shorter's "Footprints" and Hancock's  
"Dolphin Dance" and they do so superbly but even they would not call  
what they play jazz even though each member is an established jazz  
artist in his own right - bassist Gary Crosby, saxophonists Denys  
Baptiste and Soweto Kinch, trumpeter Abram Wilson, etc. --
[JPL] Rochester Jazz Festival/Skatalites

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Thu Apr 10 16:34:50 EDT 2008
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The Skatalites were inheritors of a Jamaican jazz tradition that  
preceded their official formation (1963) by at least 30 years, with  
groups like the Eric Deans Orchestra, and soloists like Jiver  
Hutchinson (who played alongside Louis Armstrong in London). All of  
their players, including the late trombonist Don Drummond  (I'm  
completing a novel based on his life) were heavily into and influenced  
by Coltrane, Parker and the other giants.

Seek God continually

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"Boz Scaggs? Soulive?  IMHO there's not much jazz music coinciding with
the JazzWeek Summit that I'm dying to hear - Jae Sinnett, David
Murray, Tierney Sutton, Barbara Dennerlein & Joe Locke are about it.
Third World, the Skatellites & Wild Magnolias are great but jazz?  I  
think so."
The Skatalites are jazz. They were inspired by hearing Art Blakey & The
Jazz Messengers and other horn jazz acts coming over the water to  
records & radio stations in New Orleans and other locations.

Burlington Discover Jazz Festival has had The Skatalites several times  
there was real improvisation and great arrangements every minute, not to
mention killer dance rhythms.

Give them a real listen,


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KVLU Beaumont, TX 04-09-08 & 04-10-08
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