[JPL] Re; Ozzie Cadena - R.I.P. w/odd omission

Jackson, Bobby Bobby.Jackson at ideastream.org
Mon Apr 14 11:19:02 EDT 2008

Arturo and Jim,

I'm sure Jimmy Scott would second that....


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I'd like to think it was a sin of commission rather than ommission.

Perhaps the obit writer felt the less said about Lubinskiy the better
and is just letting his memory fade in much deserved obscurity.


On Saturday, April 12, 2008, at 12:20  PM, Arturo wrote:

> I am very saddened to read about the demise of Ozzie Cadena, his 
> liners for
> Presitge rank among my favorites. I found it a bit bizarre that 
> Jocelyn Y.
> Stewart,  the writer of the obit twice made reference to the owner of
> Newark's Savoy Records but did not mention him by name, he was Herman
> Lubinsky, famed for his abuse of artists, low wages for his employees,
> ripping off royalties, ties to the mob and cantakerous personality. a 
> very
> short fact finfing mission would've revealed Savoy Records owner if
> didn't know. 


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