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I would rather see the surplus cd's be thrown out then to be sold.  
These cd's originated specifically as promos and as such were "off the 
books" in regards to both the record company and the artist.  Not only 
would neither receive any monies from the sale, any potential profit 
sale would be lost in such a transaction.

Folks, our industry is hurting big time!  Let's allow the record 
companies, and especially the hard working musicians, the ability to 
stay in business!

P.S.  If you do not want to add to your local landfill, donate the cd's 
to your local library or similar entity instead.

Bradley M. Stone wrote:
> Aloha Jim,
> Excellent topic.  I agree with your assessment - the vast majority of
> the CDs that we receive I believe have some merit - these musicians have
> talent, and I often say exactly as you did - if I saw them in a
> coffeeshop, pub or Vegas hotel, I would be happy to listen to them over
> a drink.  The question we have to ask ourselves continually is "does
> this project deserve airplay on a national level?".  That, coupled with
> airtime limitations, the need to keep a disciplined playlist, and the
> necessity for giving records in heavy or medium rotation their just due
> (i.e. sufficient spins to build some possible familiarity and profile)
> means that, as you point out, only a fraction get some airplay (I might
> put at 1 in 2 or 1 in 3 make it onto the air at KSJS).  Given that I am
> a bit of a pack rat, and reluctant to let go of any CD that has some
> merit, means that my 2500 square foot house has stacks of CDs in every
> room!
> The light is on (but growing dimmer due to CDs in front of the lamp).
> Brad
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> OK, regardless of the merits of this case it brings up a question for 
> JPL'ers I've been longing to ask and it can be a touchy subject.  What 
> DO you do with all the CDs you receive that you'll never play?  I still 
> haven't decided and I'm about to be crowded out of my studio by 
> cascading stacks of CDs by unknown artists and more boxes of the same 
> in the backroom.
> Some are "OK" - by that I mean if you heard them playing in a lounge 
> somewhere you wouldn't necessarily go elsewhere for a drink.  But you 
> wouldn't buy their CD or play it on the air.  I try to listen to 
> everything that comes in but maybe only 1 in 5 actually gets 
> significant airtime while the rest stack up. What do I do with the 
> rest?   Bury them in the backyard or put them in the trash and add to 
> our landfill problems?
> Some say give them to libraries or music schools or "Goodwill", but is 
> circulating mediocre music a disservice?   If I'm donating CDs I'd like 
> them to be examples of excellence in our music, not the dregs I 
> wouldn't play on the show.
> What do YOU do with CDs you won't be playing on the air?
> Jim Wilke
> Jazz After Hours, PRI
> www.jazzafterhours.org
> On Monday, April 14, 2008, at 10:48  AM, Lorraine Lapp wrote:
>> Hi..JPL listers...Lorraine Craig from Montreal here....
>> I  just stumbled over this new item...and thought some of you might 
>> find it of interest.
>> That Labels Don't Trump Right To Resell
>> http://www.mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=108821
>> (we dont believe in spring here)..still 2 feet of snow in my backyard
>> Cheers......
>> Lorraine Craig
>> Mangager
>> Geoff Lapp Trio

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