[JPL] Promo CD sales / disposal question

FreeHamRecords at aol.com FreeHamRecords at aol.com
Tue Apr 15 15:20:05 EDT 2008

The best solution: RECYCLE.
As Dr. Jazz suggests, selling or donating Promos hurts artists, even if it  
results in one potential lost sale. Merely disposing of them, as Mr. Wilke  
suggests, adds unnecessary fodder to the landfill. The best choice, then, is to  
find a local receiver.
Mr. Wilke, you happen to have one in your neighborhood: 
Other programmers can find the best option near them by typing into your  
preferred search engine: "recycling CDs [insert city name]".
If you happen to get eco-friendly recordings in biodegradable  "eco-wallets," 
you can plant them in your yard as a kind of musical compost,  making lemons 
out of lemons.
_FreeHam  Records_ (http://www.freehamrecords.com/) 

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