[JPL] Promo CD sales / disposal question

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Tue Apr 15 15:32:38 EDT 2008

Hello All,
I'd like to chime in on this issue from the label's perspective.  When  we 
send out a promo CD to a radio programmer, we consider it a sunk  cost.  We 
understand that you folks get many unsolicited recordings, and we  take our 
chances that what we send might never reach the airwaves in some  markets.  When 
that's the case, though, we'd rather see the CDs given away  or, if sold, we'd 
like the revenue to go to a worthy cause (a charity, a  publicly-funded station, 
etc.).  That way, the music is likely to be heard  in someone's home or 
office, which constitutes additional exposure for the  artists and their music.  
Throwing them away accomplishes neither.
It's true that our industry is in trouble.  Making a profit on a jazz  record 
is extremely difficult these days, and some of us are running small  labels 
merely to enhance the careers of great artists and bring their music to  more 
ears.  If radio stations want to sell the promo CDs they choose not to  place 
in rotation, and assuming the resulting revenues are used in a way  that 
furthers the interests of the artists and art we all love, I still  consider that a 
positive result for all of us.
Just my $.02.
Steven Briggs
Blue Night Records
_www.bluenightrecords.com_ (http://www.bluenightrecords.com) 

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