[JPL] New Recordings

Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 15 21:45:17 EDT 2008

Now that the fundraiser is over I can get back into listening to new music. The audience once again came through for the music in a BIG way here at WHRV. It continues. Here are just a few standouts with the new releases...IMO...
  Miguel Zenon - "Awake" - He continues to re-define the genre(s)...I'm not sure I hear writing like this anywhere today. You won't walk away humming his compositions but the harmonic depth in is writing is like nothing I've heard before...and I've heard a lot. Simply amazing. 
  Bridge Quartet - "Day" - Phil Dwyer is playing is batooka off. Straight up quartet playing with some re-harmonizations and originals. Nicely done. 
  John Beasley - "Letter To Herbie" - Speaking of re-harmonizations...whew! I've always been a fan of John's work and it's good to hear him again. Thoughtful interpretations of Herbie's compositions with his own touch..which is the way it should be. The twist on "Maiden Voyage"...."Bedtime Voyage" is the standout...along with "Eye Of the Hurricane." 
  Danny Kirkhum - "Always There" - Thoughtful sextet arrangements with enough originality to take it out of the predictable jazz sextet expectation realm. Superb intonation with the horn front line. 
  Slight disappointment...Dianne Reeves. The love fest falls flat to me and she is usually one of my favs. 
  Jae Sinnett

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