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Wed Apr 16 05:28:20 EDT 2008

jwilke123 at comcast.net writes:

circulating mediocre music a disservice?   If I'm donating CDs I'd like 
them to be examples of excellence in our music, not the dregs I 
wouldn't play on the show.

great point jim...i'd say 20+% of the CDs coming out are very marginal, of 
very little (no?)>redeeming value.  the plastic jewel cases should be 
recycleable in most US cities. 
the discs? hmmm: farmers can hang them in the fields--seems to keep the crows 
off the crops!
i'd suggest another 20-35+% dont qualify as being suitable for national 
airplay but could enrich the lives of some less fortunate people.  
perhaps IAJE (i'm hopeful in general, fingers crossed) or  JAI or one of the 
larger jazz societies could organize an initiative to assist stations in 
distributing such music to those less fortunate.
there is a forgotten segment of our society that stretches from the 
reservations, across rural areas into some of our once great cities and to the nooks 
and crannies of those that remain great.
most dj's and radio people know the value of used (or even unplayed CDs) from 
the first category above: it is between zero and ten cents apiece.(and they 
dont want the zeros either)  the second category might garner ten to twenty 
five cents (a bit more if you're lucky).
seems except in case of hardship the station could build good will by 
distributing category two to folks with less.
the better discs, not needed, might be traded for credit towards filling in 
holes in the library!
stations might also consider running a contest--empower listeners and people 
in your community to come up with the best idea or solution.  there could even 
be (a) regional and national prize(es).  perhaps downbeat, jazztimes or 
jazziz et al could assist by reaching out to readers.
{from someone whose head spins from time to time thinking about the 40,000 
odd LPs that passed through my hands (of which i once had about 6500 in a 
collection, pre-CD).  ..and having not given up the ghost completely, now collects 
ricky schultz

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