[JPL] Re: Promo CD sales/disposal question

Leslie A. Stewart djgrrl at bellsouth.net
Wed Apr 16 08:51:30 EDT 2008

When I worked at WFPL/WFPK, we routinely gave unused or extra promo copies 
to our volunteers, and those that weren't picked up were sometimes donated 
to local halfway houses, homeless shelters and organizations such as the 
Center for Women and Families.  A lot of those women arrived at the shelter 
without any of their posessions beyond the clothes on their backs, and 
having music that we considered "too boring" to play was actually just right 
for soothing and relaxing listening under highly stressful circumstances.  I 
had an incarcerated listener once who wrote me to inquire about the late 
Jorge Dalto - I remembered that I had a promo cassette of his last release 
and just sent it to him.  He was so profoundly grateful that it was almost 
embarassing.  In fact, I got a note from a pub radio station in Cincinnati a 
few years later saying that this guy had made a pledge to their station in 
my name once he'd returned home!  So, when ear X-tacy had a big closet 
cleaning of our numerous label titles a few years back, we donated boxes to 
several area prisons (not all will accept them as not all have music 
libraries, and the ones that do have pretty strict regulations about what is 
deemed appropriate - no rap or anything that might incite violence - but 
most instrumental and light vocal jazz records are usually quite welcomed). 
Please think about sharing music with those less fortunate who can't afford 
to buy music or who aren't even in a position to buy music before tossing or 
even recycling.


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