[JPL] Re: jazzproglist Digest, Vol 10, Issue 109

Thu Apr 17 07:59:46 EDT 2008

Marcello Tolliver
WPFW 89.3
box 63
Washington,D.C. 20009
(202) 386-8736
1:00-1:30 am
1. Artist: Robert Stewart
    Cd: The Force
    Composition: Title Tune
2. Artist: Lamont Carey(poet)
    Cd: Imagine
    Composition: Confidence
3. Artist: Russell Gunn
    Cd: Love Requiem
    Composition: Title Tune
4. Artist: Robert Stewart
    Cd: The Force
    Composition: Al-Fatihah
1:30-2:00 am
6. Artist: Eldar Djangirov
    Cd:Live At The Blue Note
    Composition: Daily Living
7. Artist: Eldar Djangirov
    Cd: Self Titled
    Composition: Moanin
8. Artist: Eldar Djangirov
    Cd: Re-Imagination
    Composition: Prairie Village
9. Artist: Ron Blake
    Cd: Shayari
    Composition: Abharri Pt.II
2:00-2:30 am   The Music Of Lloyd Mcneill
10. Album: Asha Three...Washington Suite
     Composition: 2504 Cliffbourne Pl.
11. Album: Asha One
     Composition: Dig Where Dat's At
12. Album: Tori
     Composition: Tzigane
13. Album: Treasures
     Composition: Griot
2:30-3:00 am
14. Artist: Arthur Prysock
     Cd: This Is My Beloved
     Composition: I Need Your Love
15. Artist: Terence Blanchard
     Cd: The Billie Holiday Song book
     Composition: Fine And Mellow
16. Artist: Rene Marie
     Cd: How Can I Keep From Singing
     Composition: Afro Blue
17. Artist: Carla Cook
     Cd: It's All About Love
     Composition: Inner City Blues
18. Artist: Hugh Masekela
     Cd: Revival
     Composition: District Six
3:00-3:30 am The Music Of Dorothy Ashby
19. Cd: The Jazz Harpist
      Composition: Lamentation
20. Cd: The Rubaiyat Of
      Composition: My Self When Young
21. Cd: Afro Harping
      Composition: Lonely Girl
22. Cd: The Jazz Harpist
      Composition: Aeolian Groove
23. Cd: The Fantastic Jazz Harp
      Composition: Essence Of Sapphire
24. Cd: Afro Harping
      Composition: The Look Of Love
3:30-4:00 am
25. Artist: Charles Lloyd
      Cd: Rabo De Nube
      Composition: Booker's Garden
26. Artist: Antonio Sanchez
      Cd: Migration
      Composition: Arena
27. Artist: Devin Phillips
      Cd: Wade In The Water
      Composition: Cape Verde
4:00-4:30 am The Music Of Ahmed Abdul-Malik
28. Cd: Sounds Of Africa
      Composition: Communication
29. Album: East Meets West
      Composition: La Ibky
30. Cd: Jazz Sahara
      Composition: El Haris
4:30-5:00 am
31. Artist: Lamont Carey(poet)
      Cd: Imagine
      Composition: I Can't Read
32. Artist: Robert Stewart
      Cd: The Force
      Composition: Blackness
33. Artist: Eric McPherson
      Cd: Continuum
      Composition: Black Pearl
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