[JPL] official word from IAJE (the dark side?)

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Fri Apr 18 22:37:48 EDT 2008

 folks: there have been some interesting comments and observations on what is a distressing situation.

???????? rebecca risman's comment was very inciteful.? it begs the question, why is a not-for-profit dedicated to jazz and education, operating for nearly 40 years, able to draw 8,000 people to its New York conferences
with a large paid membership filing for Ch 7 (dissolution) and not CH 11 Or 13 (reorganization) ?

while one million dollars isnt chump change, in the context of such an important and established organization, its not that much.? local, state and federal government (say the NEA, ya think?) surely could come to their aid, provide a bridge loan etc etc.

Chapter 7 suggests there is a darker side to this.? be very clear: the misdeeds or impropriety of ONE person
could not and SHOULD NOT bring this organization down.? furthermore, if ONE person were responsible for wrongdoing, they would be dismissed ("fired" seems such a harsh word, dontcha think?) or "resign" and left to face the music in the outside world {if they broke the law, the would be dealt with}.? the organization would deal with their financial problems like all other businesses and organizations: seek protection through the courts under Ch 11 or 13 and reorganize: settle for pennies on the dollar with their creditors, cut staff and costs and live to fight another day.

dr. jazz was correct: the board of directors and president were not "blindsided". impossible!? the question here is not how? but who?? ie, WHO was complicit in the misdeeds, mismanagement, misappropriations?
the IAJE charter and constitution outlines that the executive director reports to the president and board of directors.? anyone familiar with the organization knows that the former exec director pulled some real machiavelian s%it and ran that place like his own personal fiefdom.? i witnessed a similar scenario go down some years ago at the Recording Academy.? not pretty.

it was suggested to me that the CH 7 filing is intended to shield the organization from some number of pending and possible lawsuits for sexual misconduct or sexual harrassment and prevent the kind of wholesale audits required under Ch's 11 & 13. why? perhaps some other people didnt want to be exposed.

the hell with embarrassment, we're talking real major-league misdeeds and possible criminal acts here.? again, irrespective of how costly, sexual misconduct lawsuits do not close organizations down. btw folks, if you've gotten this far: 501c(3)'s with revenue in excess of $2 million are required by law to have independent audits done by other than their own accountants.
unless the former EX Dir. managed to avoid these annual requirements, the board and president would have had to know the truth about their financial condition.? stories abound about board members being treated to wonderful junkets to euro jazz fests etc.?? IAJE also employed corporate counsel ( a long-established attorney practicing in the industry for nearly half a century ) who should have recognized some of what was really going on.


one hopes paul combs is correct--we must hope the courts rule the chapters are free-standing solvent entities. The survival of the chapters is critical! ? the chapters could reform and reorganize as a "new" national entity. perhaps mary jo papich (apparently the right person for the job) can still have a fair opportunity to become president and save this thing.

i want to urge EVERYONE to email?? info at iaje.com and reject the Ch 7 filing and to URGE IAJE TO FILE FOR REORGANIZATION AND PROTECTION UNDER US BANKRUPTCY LAW.?? contact your local chapter
and ask them to do the same. 

if anyone can get info on the Bankruptcy Courts (both in Kansas and US/Federal) perhaps we can mount a campaign to? derail this ill-advised course of action.

if there was ever a time for jazz folks to put their differences aside and pull together as a team---this is it!!!
we need IAJE to survive. ? 

for some the jazzweek conference in rochester will take on new meaning and urgency.? i suspect that Jazz Improv's 2nd conference(scheduled for this winter in new york) will provide a timely and much needed alternative to the now cancelled seattle conference.

ricky schultz






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