[JPL] Local Jazz Christmas Traditions

Mark Ruffin mruffin at jazzusa.com
Sun Apr 20 02:04:53 EDT 2008

Hey JPL'ers,

     For all those concerned I'm adjusting to life in New York City and it
is fast, like Chicago on speed.


 As I head into my first spring and summer in the Apple when  EVERY
Brazilian act alive who I've always wanted to see will be here in the next
two months celebrating Bossa Nova at 50, my thoughts turn to.uh. Christmas.

      I'm doing a massive imaging session with the voice of our channel and
I'm planning ahead for the holidays.   I want to have short vignettes with
Christmas stories of jazz artists with an emphasis on any regional stories. 

     My Chicago-centric examples are


*For about the last five years of her life, Etta Jones used to spend a week
in Chicago with her long time partner Houston Person.  Their warm and highly
entertaining brother/sister/best friend persona became a holiday tradition
at the Jazz Showcase.


*The story of how Judy Roberts and Jackie Allen made a Christmas record that
turned into an annual popular holiday treat in Chicago.  (By the way if you
haven't heard their Christmas album you're missing one of the most
underrated -nationally at least- and infectious Christmas albums of all
time.  I tried to convince Bruce Lundvall to buy it after he signed Jackie
Allen to Blue Note.)


*Then there's the tale of the very hot summer day in Los Angeles when
Chicagoan Mel Torme and his partner wrote  "The Christmas Song" as a way to
cool off.


*The story of Bird and the "White Christmas" recording.


You get the picture, any suggestions.  Any artists camp out in your hometown
regularly for the holidays?  Know any stories behind Christmas recordings?



Mark Ruffin

Program Director

Real Jazz XM 70

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